(Taken from one of the Delphi Forums.)
 Statement from a 1%er…


I enjoy reading the perceptions of 1%ers and MC's and often get a laugh at some of the posts both here and on a couple of other forums dedicated to to THE LIFE, as it is often called here and there. I especially get a chuckle in regards to the misconception of different views of what is respect. Some advice is good and others are Hog wash. To avoid us is not respectful, to treat us as outcasts or like monsters is not respectful. Sometimes I expect to see villagers at my door carrying hay forks and torches. Forums like this for the most part do a good in the sense that it gives some insight into what we are about but on occasion it gives the impression that we are to be feared and are lurking to jump on someone, or anyone.
Example would be that I recently read a post on a seldom visited forum where some woman verbally attacked a known PH of some club for what seemed like no reason and not even on that threads subject. She could get away with it because we ARE NOT monsters. I've never known a man to hit a woman who wasn't his own or associated with his club. To this she was brazen, if not disrespectful and puts her man in a very stupidly dangerous situation because if she had done it somewhere but behind the safety of a computer, at a rally event, or bar either a OL would have decked her or her OM would catch the brunt of the insult. I do not know the PH, I'm not even sure of his affiliation but I have seen his posts before and I think I've even seen them here before. He handled it with more finess than I would have I assure you. Men don't get the same polite pass that some Broad might get. But the point is that we don't go out of our way to call attention to ourselves. We police our own and don't take kindly to interference from the so called establishment enforcers. Yes we live by a law, it is the law of FW 1 UFWA. Simply put You Fuc# with one, You Fu#@ with All. But as long as you live and ride in the Establishment built streets as we do you have little to fear from MC's, unless you let your mouth overload your ass. My major point is simply this: Birds of a feather Flock together. We stay in and amongst our own kind. Even in the areas of mutual socialising you will see the MC's together and the "Others" together. So why fear or even look away when there is eye contact. There seems to be some kind of opinion that the motorcycle community must give way to some kind of mysterious respect. The fact is we respect you, other than that we don't think about you at all, until you bring it on yourselves by passing into our world. WE thrive and in some ways survive partially on the numbers of the ordinary riders now on the street. The cops can't pass laws that screw us because they can't pass laws that screw you the majority. They can't openly harrass us for the same reason. Today I parked on the sidewalk at the mall. The security guard stopped me as I went inside and said he heard on his walky talky that it was about to be ticketed. I did not threaten to kill the cops family. I thanked him and moved the damn thing. I appreciated his warning. Just like any of you would have. In fact I straightened the guys clip on tie and we talked bikes for about 10 minutes. He rides a Honda. I complimented his choice. Would I ride one...Hell No! but he isn't me, I'm not him and never the twain shall meet. He'll be riding his while I'm wrenching mine. So what! His badge means he will never be apart of my world, my colors means I'll never be apart of his. Now Understand! We are NOT at war with the world. At Rallies, Toy Runs even at the gas pumps when our worlds come together at the vortex, the type of respect we want is an understanding that we live a free open standard unlike anything most of you will ever conceive. But it is on the same streets with you all and WE respect that fact. Should you pass the picket at our campsite without stopping to be recognized?....Not unless you have a death wish. Should you come into a bar where all kinds meet and have a beer? Sure. Should you insult out standards with your RC Patches and show us attitude? The answer is this, cross the line into our world and you cross the line into a different set of standards. You cross that line and you change the rules for yourselves and us to. We are much more patient with ignorance than we are with an attitude that belongs in the "Outside" world. Bring it inside our world and you may either be faced with leaving it there (forever)or having it thrown back into the street attached to the seat of your pants. We do Not defend space, we defend our right to do as we please. Join in if you like but don't drag your standards in with you. We don't care about what you perceive as "Your Rights". In our world you have no "Rights" to cross the line and set your standards on our space. You can pet the bear, but don't slap him. Play gentle and so will we.....everytime. AND please remember, a man in our world is judged along side the manners of his woman. Keep her in check. It ain't her ass she's putting on the line. Just random thoughts for a night of insomnia.