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The Last Rev 
 The Passing of a fellow club brother or sister is something we never hope to have to endure. The reality of it is if you live long enough that day will come. There is a tradition within the motorcycle club culture that has been around for many years, it’s called the last Rev. The Road Capt while standing beside his/her bike starts their engine then everyone standing beside their bike starts their engines, the Road Capt starts the rev 3 to 5 times with everyone else joining in doing the same except the tail gunner who just waits until everyone else has finished. When the Road Capt stops the rev and all bikes are just idling, then only the Tail Gunner gives the last rev then everyone mounts their bikes and rides away as quiet as possible. Normally the last rev is done at the cemetery unless there will be no cemetery service. Then it will be done at the funeral home after the last viewing just prior to everyone leaving.

The significance of this is, to alert Heaven that a Biker is on their way to ride to roads in heaven.