How we started our Motorcycle Riding Club

So you want to start a Riding Club or RC. There are many important things to know and expect.

 Many start ups are under the misconception that starting a Riding Club will be a path that will allow the club cruise under the radar of Motorcycle Club protocal or politics. As if a one piece patch tells the motorcycle world that we are merely a RC and have no club agenda other than to ride. If so, you may want to think twice about the way the Club world works.
 No one can tell you not to wear a patch. This is true, but................ you will need to realize that wearing one without communication with the other Clubs in the area is not proper protical in the Club world. The world you are entering. So it would be in your best interest to find the local dominant MC or C.O.C. type organization in your area before you start flying your colors. Know that a one piece patch is still a patch. A Riding Club is still a Club.
 Colors are important to be aware of. Black or blue or red or whatever color you can think of are being used by other clubs. So you'll need to be aware that another club, MC or RC, may be using the colors you want to use and would not be very happy to see a start up club showing up at events, or riding down the road looking similar to their or another established club. Alot of time, pride, honor and respect is represented by a Club's colors and that is important to know and understand. It is important to them and they will most likely not have any problem letting you know that.
 Also know that it is a time taking process to make contact with the other clubs in your area. It can take longer than you ever expected. No one is going to come to you. You have not earned any respect and no one is obligated to meet your needs. It's not your world. It's theirs. This is important to know and understand. The sooner you accept that the better off you'll be. So expect to do a lot of leg work. There are many people, Clubs and Organizations to get in contact with. - You may be asked some tough questions in some uncomfortable environments, so be prepared to answer them truthfully - The colors, logo and name all mean someting to not only you, but to others as well. Clubs will want to see your proposed patch. Making sure you don't display anything that may be confused for another Club. That you are not using the name of a Club that came before you. Your colors, logo and name all fall under this scrutiny. So assuming you are looking to enter the motorcycle world in a proper and respectful manner these are some of the steps you can expect to take on your path to starting a Riding Club. You may have to swallow your pride in the process.
 Every Riding Club takes it's own path and not all are the same. Many Clubs come and many Clubs go. How things go for you depends on where you live and sometimes who you know or don't know. All clubs start with an idea, friends and often a cause. Some are noble ideas/causes and some are just for fun. Some are Social Clubs and some are Public Service Clubs. Either way that's up to you.
 Knowing the basics is a good place to start. If you do choose to start your own RC it's important to know what lay ahead of you. Respect is earned and you will be starting out at the bottom of the pile.
 Best of luck to you.
- El Guapo