The prospect./probate
For a prospect its simple, Keep your mouth shut, never discuss club business with anyone, and the reality is a prospect is the bottom of the chain. To be really good, learn all members names, Easy, learn their occupations, hobbies, etc, A club is a brotherhood so be a brother, also make sure you are available for all events, all prospects are expected to do as they are told or instructed, that's a given.  IF a officer needs his back watched at a outing or a run, or a brother is broke down at 2 am, just be there. The more you do the easier it is to become a member.  You are being watched and it will be noticed, always remember as a prospect you have no rank or privileges, and upon introducing yourself  to any patch holder. You must only introduce yourself as a prospect of the ****** Motorcycle club, and keep all other conversation to a minimum, its time to start thinking of a road name. We will pick a name and it will be who you are when in club attire. The road name will be short and describe your personalityor something that happens to you ar that you do that the Patch Holders think would be an appropriate road name. If your probate time gets extended it means you have screwed up, and you should talk to your sponsor. Prospecting should not be looked at as a necessary evil, but a labour of love. All the horrific shit you,ve heard about initianation or rite of passage ritual from prospect to member is true. Good luck.
PS, Never leave a patch holder anyplace, never ever, especially out of town always stay to the end. Unless you have a extreme reason, like your family has a emergency.  Parents or children. ( Family ) remember all PH are brothers. Respect is the biggest lesson some guys have to learn..
Acquitted M/C

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