This site was created under my personal account .  With the unexpected traffic we get, it was continually exceding its bandwitch and shutting down about halfway through the month.  With this new site, that shouldn't happen anymore.
We never intended to make any money from the information presented here.  But due to the expense of keeping this site running, I've decided to sell some advertising space on it to help defray the cost of the domain name and the web site cost.  If you feel would like to help us keep this site running, we will gladly accept any donations you would like to give up to help with the expense of this new web site.  Just click on the paypal block to donate by PayPal.

Thank You.


Advertising is $50.00 USD per month per page for a small banner (160x20).  $75.00 for a medium banner (240X120) and $100 for a wide banner (600x75).    Payment done through Paypal.
This site has averaged 32,000 + visitors a month from countries around the world, for several years now.