The CoC is not really a MRO such as ABATE, but biker rights are often discussed and are paramount to the organization.  And motorcycle club politics pertaining to legal problems with law enforcement. They also discuss harresment from certain law agencies. While Patchholders may belong to an MRO, they don't have a united membership of patch holders. Where most MROs  and COCs are made up from various clubs and independents, 

The CoC may vary from region to region in makeup, size, and strength but the overall mission of the CoC is unity in the motorcycling world. The CoCexists to bring communication through clubs, and improve the motorcyclist image, support legislation for the betterment of motorcycling, and allow clubs to come to a neutral spot and meet to discuss issues. They monitor and protect our biker rights in the court system. and possibly have lawyers that help to unravel legal red tape. In some areas the organization may also be a sanctioning body for new or probate clubs in that region.  Often time, the Dominant club in the area may chair the meeting.The CoC is also a good place to meet some of the people in the clubs in your area. 

If you are a new club it is in your interest to put a face to your club, and display respect for the other clubs.
*Note* Some do require an invite to attend, so you will want to check and see. 

National CoC......  AIM NCOM