Outlaw Motorcycle Club Misconceptions

By determinedmommy - Posted on February 23rd, 2007
Organized crime, hit men, dirty deals, convicts.  These are terms you associate with bikers, members of outlaw motorcycle clubs.  I'm not talking about your everyday biker, but the clubs often dubbed "motorcycle gangs."  You see them riding in packs on the freeway and it's likely you cringe at the sight of them.  But have no fear, you have been deceived.

  For the past two years, I have been surrounded by this lifestyle and I am here to tell you it is not what you think it is.  Yes, motorcycle club members have undergone constant scrutiny for their lifestyle.  They have often been mistaken for "gangs" which are associated with criminal activity.  However, they are in fact clubs that conduct meetings and groups of motorcyclists who devote their time to a common interest: riding and having a good time.

  In the media, you'll find the ideas of someone who is misinformed and has never even associated with members of motorcycle clubs.  Their claims are unfounded.  This is your only resource in learning about such a lifestyle until now.  If you're curious about the true history of such clubs, I suggest you start looking for the source.  Your best bet is to check out the website of the most world-renowned motorcycle club:​History – Hells Angels MC World (hells-angels.com)  This club in particular has chapters all over the world.

  From my understanding, such clubs are more about earning and giving respect.  They are about commitment and loyalty.  Sure, members can be intimidating but they are people just like you and I.  They are your neighbors, your plumbers, your business partners.  At the end of the day, they go home to their wives and children.  Never in my life have I met men more dedicated and passionate.  They are men who come together sharing not only a common interest, but a lifestyle.  They protect each other and honor each other.

  Those who are misinformed will tell you they traffic illegal drugs and women.  You might even read somewhere that they prostitute their own girlfriends which is something I can personally say is a complete untruth.  A member's old lady is considered property not in the sense that she can be bought, but that she is in a sense a part of the club and is to be respected for that reason.

  Yes, some outlaw motorcycle members have experience with frequent legal issues but it is wrong to assume that the majority of them do.  Did you ever stop to think that it is possible that it is because of the way society views this lifestyle that they are constantly being watched and observed by law enforcement?

  I hope that if not anything else, I have at least shed some light on the MC lifestyle.  Don't be afraid.  Don't judge based on anything but truth.