Welcome to Understanding Motorcycle Clubs

This web site was based on a document we borrowed, with permission, from another motorcycle web site. We have added a lot of extra information that might be helpful to those who want to understand Motorcycle Clubs and how they are organized. It contains some information about the codes and values upon which many Motorcycle Clubs are based.


It's been asked if this document is meant to portray Riding Clubs as second class citizens to MC clubs.  If just because you are in a Riding Club, you should "kowtow" to MC clubs.

The answer is no.  A vast majority of MC club members are just regular people. Have jobs, families, good days and bad days just like anyone else out there.  In other words, they are people too.  They just choose a little bit different lifestyle than most and only ask others to respect their choice.  They have certain codes they live by and it's not just when the have their colors on - it's 24/7/365.

The following pages are just some of the ideals they live by.  I'll say again, different areas have different views on things even between members of the same club.


Special Thanks to Crowwalker who originally presented the main base of this document.  When this document was first considered to be used to help educate people, the permisson e-mail I got back was ...  "Go for it, That's what it's there for."           

http://home.comcast.net/~oneways/binfo.html   (This was the Original link which is no longer active.)
The 3 main pages of the information contained there is in a document that was put together by the Viet Nam Vets MC about 15 or more years ago called the "13 Pages".

The information in the original has been expanded, and the document has been condensed and is now called, by another club, the "7 Pages".  That document as been passed along to several of the 'senior' MC's in the nation, as it contains information that for many years was passed down to their prospects, but had never been written down.