I do not run the MC101 Club Culture Education Message Forum, but I do occasionally visit. Others there may be able to help with your questions. Please read the Forum start page in full prior to posting. They do have a few rules they follow. There has been many people go to the MC101 site and end up getting locked out for not following the start page rules.

1st and most important rule is to do a full introduction once you get there, e.g.,

1. Use the appropriate section (Introductions Required), Nothing will make you look more like an idiot than using the wrong folder for an intro. 

2. How you found the forum

3. Where you are from

4. Whether you are in a club or riding group

5. Your level of motorcycle experience, and any other information you think may be pertinent.

No introduction on a new account will normally get you locked out immediately.  Read some of the other introductions and make sure you post one of your own to avoid being locked out right away. Do not start asking questions in your intro. Get the intro done, get welcomed. 

Once that is done, and you have received a welcome from a Moderator (look for the little hammer beside their name),  then ask your questions in the appropriate folder. 

Wouldn't hurt to read as much as you can before you ask any questions.

Exceptions may be made in certain instances upon approval of one of the Moderators.  You will need to e-mail one of them and explain why.



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